About Axiom News


Axiom News provides Civic Communications services to like-hearted organizations, associations, networks, and communities whose work contributes to resilience and thriving.

Civic Communications

Most organizations engage in corporate communications to shape important messages to the world about their mission, goals, offerings, and activity. This work is foundational to establishing a working container for your work in the world. It functions to communicate clearly from the centre or top of your organization. It is how your organization talks to people.

Civic Communications is about talking with those in your social ecology. Civic Communications is the next step to take in the evolution of your relationship with the people who matter most in your organizations work.

If you would like to foster a healthy, thriving, and resilient workplace and work in the world, you can rely on Civic Communications to talk with the cross-section of your stakeholders to co-create enlivening media by engaging with them differently.

  Your organization is a social organism. As such, the stories coursing through it shape your way of being, culture, and capacities.

Civic Communications begins with recognizing your organization as something more than a vehicle for creating a product and finding your market. Your organization is a community of purpose and has been formed to do a work together. Your organization, and the people in it, are citizens of your community and the earth. People are motivated when their gifts and skills are appreciated and put to good use and especially when in the service of a higher good.

You change the world by the goods and services you bring to life and how you go about your work together

Your organization is a social organism. As such, the stories coursing through it shape your way of being, culture, and capacities. Your organization’s narrative defines your place in your community, market, movement, and the world. Authentic, grassroots stories convey and uncover life-giving wisdom, knowledge, and next steps. Stories are alive and well, one way or the other. A Civic Communications approach cultivates the best in people with intention and persistence.

This is at the heart of civil society. Your organization belongs there.

A healthy Civic Communications ecology enables and ennobles your organization and the people in it to do their best work and to be seen in it.

Axiom News cultivates your story by discovering the stories that bring life to your work and the people engaged by it. We create and maintain your civic communications ecology to uncover and share unfolding stories developmentally, as they arise, change, and grow.

Axiom News is a Full Service Civic Communications Firm Offering:

  • Civic Communications Ecology Architecture and Design
  • Written-Word Generative Journalism
  • Video Production and Editing
  • Podcast Production and Editing
  • Website Design and Maintenance
  • Social Media Weaving and Engagement
  • Live Participation Video Events
  • In-Place Community Dialogues and Summits

Axiom News is a social-mission business. When you contract with Axiom News you are supporting our dialogue and media work at www.axiomnews.com to cultivate deep democracy and civil society.

Workshops, Courses, Mentoring Circles

Generative Journalism

Axiom News is the birthplace of Generative Journalism, a practice for cultivating and illuminating the gifts, possibility, and abundance present in every community. Axiom News coined the phrase ‘Generative Journalism’ in 2009 and has been developing it in practice ever since.

Peter Pula, founder of Axiom News hosts Generative Journalism workshops and mentoring circles. He is available to work with small groups interested in learning about, practicing, and establishing Generative Journalism initiatives in their workplaces, networks, and communities.

If you are interested in learning more about Generative Journalism learning opportunities please write to peter@axiomnews.com.