Who We Are

Cultivating a resilient and thriving Peterborough


Peterborough Dialogues is a pioneering initiative in Community-Building, Learning, Media-Making and Change.

Our calling questions are: “How Can We Create a Local Living Oasis in a Global Storm of Shifting Stands?” and “What if We Could Awaken Our Deepest Gifts and Possibilities to Cultivate a Resilient and Thriving Peterborough?”

Come and Play!

The projects we host are co-created with participants. The initiative is co- and crowdfunded by participating citizens and partners through a growing ecosystem of projects and partnerships that integrate new kinds of Dialogue and Media-making.

This website is designed to shine a light on the growing gifts and possibilities in our community, and is free for your enjoyment and sharing.

There are many ways for you to engage more deeply to co-create a local living new narrative along with us and other active citizens. Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and sign up for our free e-newsletter to stay in the loop about upcoming events and initiatives.

By engaging with the Peterborough Dialogues you will connect with your intentions, find your voice, discover new partners and begin to make new possibilities real.

Locally Rooted, Globally Connected

The Peterborough Dialogues and Axiom News are supported and hosted by the Resonance Centre for Social Evolution.