What If We Awakened Our Deepest Gifts to Create a Community of Possibility?

Peterborough Dialogues are artfully hosted summits and conversations that support self-discovery through the co-creation of the community of our dreams. We create media to illuminate what community members are bringing to life. We offer a practice field and training for community members in dialogue hosting, Generative Journalism, and the new narrative arts.

Your pledges make it possible for us to plan, host, build community skills, and spread the story of how community members are creating the community of their dreams independently of institutional or political agendas. Pledges help keep our events financially accessible, first rate, and sustainable.

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Design and Kickstart Summits

Summits are half day events designed for Doers. Each Summit provides a way for you to design and build the community you want to see alongside like-hearted people.

Peterborough Dialogues hosts will convene two cycles of follow up working circles to launch all the goodness into community and train community members how to host their own working circles.


Discovery Dialogue Series

If you are interested in experiencing new ways of Being in Community, a Discovery Dialogue Series holds the opportunity for deep exploration into intention. Each will span at least three sessions of a few hours each and will be guided by members of the Peterborough Dialogues Hosting Circle. Each session will build on the last.


As Inspired

Telling the Stories that Matter 

When we pass our first patronage milestone we will call a Stories That Matter Summit to discover the community stories of community building you feel ought to be told but aren’t.

Gifts & Offerings

Depending on interest, we will host an open Gifts & Offerings Circle. These circles work best with between 6 and 20 people so space is limited, you will have to register in advance. A Gifting Circle is a practice we’ve enjoyed at Peterborough Dialogues for over a year and is based on an idea by Charles Eisenstein, author of Sacred Economics.

The Gifting Circle is a stunningly effective and profound way to discover the abundance available to you and our community in a matter of an hour or so. Each circle fills needs almost instantly. If you have a want, like, or need, or a gift or something to offer — anything ranging from a skill to a toboggan to a tin of paint bring your request or offer to this circle and watch the magic happen.


Click here to become a Patron of the Peterborough Dialogues.