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A few of our favourite sources and resources

A Few of our Core Team’s Favourite Books

(An early and partial version of a list in progress — more coming soon.)

Community: The structure of belonging

Community: The structure of belonging

Block, Peter. Community: The structure of belonging. (2008)

Block, Peter. The answer to how is yes: Acting on what matters. (2001)

Block, Peter, Brueggemann, Walter and McKnight, John. An other kingdom: Departing the consumer culture. (2016)

Chödron, Pema. The places that scare you. (2001)

Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly. Flow: The psychology of optimal experience. (2008)

Gleick, James. Chaos: Making a new science. (1987)

McKnight, John and Peter Block. The abundant community: Awakening the power of families and neighbourhoods. (2010)

Mitchell, Stephen (ed.), Tao Te Ching. (1988)